What to do

So, by now you have read about the threats to ladybird populations in South Africa and perhaps also a little bit about the solutions to these challenges. You may be left wondering what exactly it is that you can do to help…

  1. Implement ladybird-friendly gardening practices (for more information see the Ladybird Handout)

  2. If you are a parent or teacher,  consider facilitating a short lesson on ladybirds with your children. If you are an educator, send us a picture of your class during the lesson with details (school and class) and we will issue your class with a certificate! (for more, have a look at our kids’ page)

  3. Send us suggestions of nurseries in your neighbourhood that we can contact to distribute our information leaflets.

  4. Upload pictures of ladybirds you have spotted around your area to our iSpot page to aid with research and monitoring on ladybird diversity and distribution in South Africa.

  5. Tell a friend by sharing on Facebook or Twitter below!

  6. Sign the Ladybird Pledge