Ladybird Pledge

By taking this pledge you are agreeing to implement measures that will contribute to the protection of ladybirds and to encourage fellow South Africans to do their bit as well. This could include establishing ladybird safe spaces in your garden, changing your pesticide usage habits or educating others on the practical solutions they can implement to protect this amazing little bug.

If you are not much of a gardener, you could  also just ask someone when last they saw a ladybird…

The Ladybird Pledge


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17Kari C.Western CapeOct 12, 2020
16Shirley W.KZNSep 07, 2020
15Richard V.Western CapeJun 02, 2020
14Christine H.May 08, 2020
13Maureen B.GautangAug 03, 2016
12Mariska d.Western CapeAug 03, 2016
11esme v.western capeAug 03, 2016
10marc v.south africaAug 02, 2016
9Stephani v.Aug 01, 2016
8Nurjehan P.Western Province Aug 01, 2016
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6Nicole v.Western CapeAug 01, 2016
5Robynne B.Western ProvinceJul 31, 2016
4Ian R.Western CapeJul 31, 2016
3Trisha L.Western CapeJul 17, 2016
2olga l.Jul 11, 2016
1Laurenz Aldu C.Western CapeJun 30, 2016